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Or things that I've said. Yes, I quote myself. It's my blog so you already know my ego's huge, why not just go the extra inch?



they were excellent at synergizing, too

  • <email: "The result is a human change management platform that can be used to dramatically shrink the lead-time associated with large-scale implementation initiatives, reduce the resources required to manage supply chain execution, and offer real-time visibility to process risk....">
  • Deirdre: wow.
  • Deirdre: "human change management platform."
  • Deirdre: Wow.
  • Deirdre: That's the kind of email that makes me wonder: what if it were really true? What if there were a "human change management platform"?
  • Amy: pssst
  • Amy: *nazis*
  • MattL: well, they'd need to track where the substitute body parts are kept
  • Coda: Deirdre: DNA?
  • Amy: i stand by my assertion that NAZIS are the key human change management platform.
  • Coda: Amy: Nazi DNA!

sound advice.

  • amy: i'd rather chew off my tongue than spend an evening with him
  • amy: i dunno why it'd be my tongue rather than my leg but...
  • kevin: well, it's wherever the bear trap gets ya
  • amy: if i got a bear trap stuck on my tongue...
  • kevin: you should stop licking your way through the woods

cleanup in aisle 7: puns and mocks

  • amy: so i used to be a bit of a control freak...
  • kevin: reaaally?
  • amy: yes. why? i don't seem like that now, do i?
  • kevin: no. i was just joking.
  • amy: ok, you can mock, i don't mind, just wanted to be sure.
  • kevin: it wasn't even like a real mock. it was like a stock mock.
  • amy: a stock mock.
  • kevin: off the shelf.
  • amy: one size fits most?
  • kevin: yeah, they come 44 to a box.
And then, without warning, he heat-sealed a Successory across my visual cortex.
— Kevin
We’re all programming and working hard towards getting things out on time. Or programming, anyway.
— Danny
This is me describing my level of involvement and commitment with your pizza, Amy.
— Kevin
I wasn’t very involved with temporal space… but on the Internet, I had a presence.
— Kevin
It was like stabbing the pope.
— Kevin, about something one apparently shouldn’t say, ask, or do
I learned to feel things I’d never felt before: Love, jealousy, passion for disembowelling. I owe it all to you.
— Zoidberg in Why must I be a crustacean in love? (in looooove)

what?? where's my snowboard?

  • robby: daniel - no hugging customers, lets not forget last time that happened
  • daniel: It's happened before?
  • daniel: Is she a customer?
  • daniel: I thought amy was more like a sponsored athlete.
  • daniel: We provide her a snowboard with our logo on it.